Is There Such Thing As “Good Posture”? Part 2

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What’s beneficial for you? A healthy lifestyle. And, speaking of which, good posture can do wonders too!

Posture is a dynamic state that changes throughout the day, even if it’s only slightly. Therefore, treating postural disorders by isolating posture from your locomotor system as though it were static and unconnected to muscle and bone does not help; Roaf (1978) defined posture as an assumed temporary position by the body in preparation for another position – so standing isn’t really “posture.”

Exercise plays an integral role when working on posture correction, providing patients with strength and endurance (Solberg, 2008). A treatment should improve overall bodily function rather than simply treating a single symptom of the problem.

Just like when building walls, mortar holds everything together – without it, the structure will fall apart. Posture therapy works similarly: exercises are important but alone won’t do the trick; without additional support your posture won’t improve significantly either.

When treating our patients’ postural issues, we need to consider all aspects of their lives – diet, exercise habits, sleep patterns, stress levels – in short: everything!

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